Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blogstipation vs. Blogorrhea

Dear Reader,

On my way to work today, I was thinking about how I don't update this blog very often because I want to be careful, thorough and accurate about what I say. This came about from the previous post about hypothesis testing, after I realized I'd spent (or maybe wasted?) at least a couple of hours last night, and some time this morning, on so few words, all because I wanted to be sure I was accurately reflecting on a paper that I'd guzzled down the night before; and I am still wondering if I'd acted too rashly.

 So I had an idea about writing a blog post about what I feel (fear) might be the tendency of prolific Web 2.0'ers to sacrifice thoroughness and accuracy in the name of speed and timeliness, leaving the rest of us to separate the wheat from the chaff. But then I thought, no, maybe I'm being too harsh and unfair, and I'd better think about it some more and do some research before smearing what might well be a majority of writers who just happen to have the knack for getting their candid cogitations down cleanly, coherently and correctly. Whereas I am overly cautious and circumspect, for example having now spent almost an hour editing a shallow blog post about why I'm not cut out for writing blog posts on a regular basis.

Or perhaps I'm just disappointed that the oh-so-clever terms I'd come up with on my way to work today -- blogstipation, blogorrhea, and twitterhea -- are already in the Urban Dictionary.

Blogstipatedly yours,


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