Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book Chapter Published: Imagery in the 21st Century

Oliver Grau, Sean Cubitt, James Elkins, Martin Kemp ... and us?!?  Congratulations to Dolores Steinman, whose paper "Toward New Conventions for Visualizing Blood Flow in the Era of Fascination with Visibility and Imagery" has been published in Oliver Grau's latest book, Imagery in the 21st Century.

This chapter had a long incubation, starting from an email sent to Dolores in August 2007 by Jim Ruxton about a call for papers he'd received on "Gazing into the 21st Century: Confronting Image Naivete, The Second international Conference on Image Science in Goettweig, April 24th - 26th 2008".  (This is the same Jim Ruxton who, having come across our paper in Leonardo, had invited us to his Subtle Technologies Festival, the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to coin a phrase :-)

Following a postponement of the Goettweig conference, ticket cancellations (thank you Mastercard travel insurance), and then a rescheduling, we embarked in October 2008 on a month-long tour of conferences from Lisbon (SHOT) to Graz (MRA Club) to Goettweig to London (CHArt).  And speaking of incubation, Dolores was sick on and off throughout (having caught what we later found out to be walking pneumonia) but gamely gave her three talks (mine was at the MRA Club, in case there was any doubt). 

We were then invited by Oliver Grau to contribute a chapter to the book he was planning based on the Goettweig conference -- Oliver's earlier book, Media Art Histories, is a landmark in the field -- and the end result is now published for all to see.  Thanks to Oliver Grau and Thomas Veigl for generously allowing us interlopers into their world; and the indomitable F. Scott Taylor (aka Scotus Dawgus aka Rabbi Scott) for encouraging us and ensuring that our chapter made sense.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome Yuji Shimogonya

Yuji Shimogonya from the University of Hyogo will be working as a visiting scientist at the BSL for the next couple of months.  Dr. Shimogonya will be investigating various aspects of the Gradient Oscillatory Number (GON) hemodynamic factor that he recently proposed for predicting sites of aneurysm formation.