Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shit my dad says about radiology

For those of you disconnected from mainstream media, Shit My Dad Says -- I refuse to sanitize the title -- documents the pearls of wisdom passed down from a father to his son over the years. Being Twitter-free and Facebook-phobic, I only heard about this a few weeks ago from my daughter, who is a devoted follower, and then a few days ago I received the recently-published book, unsolicited, from my father as a birthday present. (Hmm, I wonder what this says about me as a father and as a son, Dr. Freud?)

What does this have to do with Biomedical Simulation? Well, a few minutes on Google and then PubMed reveals that the father, introduced in the book as having worked "in nuclear medicine at the University of California-San Diego", is indeed a former academic radiologist at UCSD, specializing in nuclear and adolescent(!) medicine, with quite a few papers in journals that I read. (OK, it's a stretch, but allow me this tenuous brush with greatness.)

All this to say: if you don't believe there's wit and wisdom behind the media hype, check out Samuel E. Halpern's editorial "Of Models and Men" from 1977. They don't write 'em like that anymore!

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