Friday, May 29, 2009

Subtle Technologies Festival

It should also go without saying -- but won't , obviously -- that Dolores and I are looking forward to participating in Toronto's annual Subtle Technologies Festival in a couple of weeks.  This is a great happening at the interface of art and science, and if that kind of thing interests you, we encourage you to attend.

Gordon Conference on Visualization

Dolores and I are looking forward to participating in the Gordon Conference on Visualization in Science and Education, being held at Magdalen College, Oxford from July 26-31.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Paper published in J Biomech Eng

Over the years many parameters have been proposed to quantify "disturbed flow".  In "Correlations among hemodynamic wall parameters at the normal carotid bifurcation", we show that some of these may be considered essentially redundant, at least in the context of stratifying carotid bifurcations according to their nominal exposure to disturbed flow.

Paper published in Biorheology

For apparent turbulence in blood, it is usually assumed that eddies cascade down to dissipative length scales on the order of tens of microns.  In "Rethinking turbulence in blood", Luca Antiga and I suggest that this cascade may be interrupted by the presence of red blood cells (RBC) at physiological concentrations, and show how this might give rise to strong viscous shear stresses between cells -- stresses that may be on the order of the "fictional" Reynolds stresses normally invoked to rationalize the behaviour of RBC in turbulent flows.